Investment Solutions

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

We offer you discretionary portfolio management by leading portfolio managers in the industry. This can help you build a customised portfolio across investment styles and asset classes.

We also offer you exposure to non-traditional asset classes, providing additional diversification benefits, albeit at higher risks. You may take advantage of these options to enhance your long-term potential returns over and above your core investments.

Private Equity Funds

Through our offering of Private Equity Funds, you can participate in the burgeoning growth of unlisted companies in high-growth sectors of the economy. Our fund managers work to generate substantial capital gains in the long-term through active participation in business-strategy decisions of companies included in their portfolios.


Real Estate Funds

We help you diversify your investments and profit from the growth in the real estate market through our offerings of Real Estate Funds. You can gain access to a portfolio of property holdings and to companies engaged in real estate affiliated services.