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International Business Operations Structure

Private Banking Business of ICICI Bank is carried on the basis of Marketing Centre and Booking Centre model. Each transaction of the customer is linked to a Booking Centre and a Marketing Centre.


Marketing Centre activities:

  • Understanding the customer’s requirements and showcasing the requested products and services.
  • Sharing marketing material, product documentation, application/ subscription forms, research reports; collecting and forwarding customer instructions to respective booking centres.
  • Servicing existing investments of the customers by facilitating product updates wherever applicable and addressing/ redressing customer grievances, if any.

Booking Centre activities:

  • Booking of investment products and services except any advisory services; thereby stand as the contractual party to the Customers in respect of the Products
  • Act as a custodian for holding investments on the Customers’ behalf upon the execution of an Investment & Custodial Services Agreement (“ICSA”) by the customer;
  • Basis the execution of such ICSA, making the investment in the Products for and on the customer’s behalf, either through itself or through a third party custodian;
  • In case of non-direct route investments, hold the investments so made, in its name as a nominee for and on behalf of one or more other customers as applicable.
  • In case of investments held as nominee, the role of booking centre is limited to holding the customer’s investment on customer’s behalf and communicating to the customer all information that it may receive from the third party product provider in relation to the investments held by it.

The management, operations and performance of any third party products shall at all times be the sole responsibility of the respective third party product provider and neither the Marketing Centre nor the Booking Centre is responsible for the same.