An Individual customer of Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) branch of ICICI Bank Limited at Qatar, may follow the below mentioned process:

  1. Before applying to the Independent Adjudicator, appointed by the QFCRA a customer must make use of the internal complaint handling procedures of ICICI Bank, and may not apply to the Independent Adjudicator until ICICI Bank has given its final response to the customer’s complaint.
  2. Customers, if dissatisfied with ICICI Bank’s decision or response, can apply to the Independent Adjudicator.
  3. The customer must apply to the Independent Adjudicator within 3 months after receiving ICICI Bank’s final response to the complaint.
  4. An application to the Independent Adjudicator must be made in writing to the Regulatory Authority at its below mentioned address:

    Level 14, Qatar Financial Center Tower, Opposite to City Center P.O. Box 22989, Doha, Qatar
  5. The Independent Adjudicator may accept, consider and decide a complaint made more than 3 months after receiving the final response, if it considers that there is sufficient reason for the delay in application.
  6. The application must set out the substance of the complaint, and must include copies of relevant correspondence and other documents.
  7. After the Independent Adjudicator has given a decision, the customer concerned may accept or refuse to accept the decision, but must do either within 14 days after being notified of it. The Independent Adjudicator may extend the period for acceptance (either before or after the period has ended) if the Independent Adjudicator is satisfied that there is sufficient reason to do so.
  8. If the customer accepts the decision, the decision is binding on both, the customer and ICICI Bank.
  9. If the customer does not accept the decision within the 14-day period (or any extension of it), the customer is deemed to have refused to accept the decision.
  10. If the customer refuses (or is taken to have refused) to accept the decision, the decision is of no effect.
  11. A decision of the Independent Adjudicator is final and is not subject to appeal.